Getting hurt on the job can be a life-changing experience on multiple levels workers in Missouri. On top of newfound medical expenses and the potential for long-term losses of physical and/or cognitive function, the damages that stem from a serious workplace accident can be difficult to obtain compensation for if you are unfamiliar with how state law governs workers’ compensation claims.

A seasoned workers’ compensation attorney at Longo Biggs Injury Law could provide invaluable guidance about what to do after a workplace accident in Sunset Hills.

Report the Accident as Quickly as Possible

Excepting people who work in certain industries or hold certain administrative or managerial positions, every worker employed by a company with five or more employees in Missouri should have access to benefits through their employer’s workers’ compensation plan. However, these benefits are time-sensitive, and failing to take prompt action after a workplace accident in Sunset Hills could lead to their denial.

General best practice is for workers who get hurt or become ill due to work-related conditions to report the incident immediately to their direct supervisor, but at the latest, prospective claimants have 30 days after discovering their injury or illness to provide this notice.

A proactive Sunset Hills lawyer at Longo Biggs Injury Law could advise injured workers on timelines for beginning the workers’ comp process following a workplace accident.

Seek and Document Medical Care after Getting Hurt at Work

Upon receiving a report of a workplace injury, a Missouri employer with workers’ comp insurance should refer their injured employee to a specific physician or provide them a list of approved practitioners. Regardless of who provides their treatment, workplace accident victims must obtain medical evaluation and appropriate treatment as soon as possible, comply with all instructions from their healthcare provider(s), and attend all scheduled appointments. Failure to follow a doctor’s orders or returning to work too early could put future benefits in jeopardy.

It is also important during to keep copies of all relevant documentation, including medical records, bills for treatment, and any forms submitted to an employer or their insurance company. If any dispute about whether a certain type of treatment was necessary arises or if an expense happened, having this documentation as a backup could be crucial to avoiding future losses.

A well-versed attorney at Longo Biggs Injury Law in Sunset Hills could explain what documents an injured Sunset Hills employee should have available if their case ever comes into question.

Follow Up on Employer Obligations

Employers in Missouri can face harsh legal consequences for failing to fulfill the duties required of them under state workers’ comp laws. Despite that, it is sometimes still incumbent upon injured workers to keep track of their own claim and, if necessary, ensure that everyone involved does what they are supposed to do.

That said, one of the best things to do after a workplace accident in Sunset Hills, as a knowledgeable  lawyer at Longo Biggs Injury Law could tell you, is to refrain from discussing the claim and related injuries any more than necessary. Comments made to other people in person and on social media could be used as evidence against a claimant later, especially if those comments suggest that an injury is not as serious as it is.

Seek Help from a Sunset Hills Attorney After a Workplace Accident

Understanding of what to do after a workplace accident in Sunset Hills is not something that the average worker should expect to have without outside assistance. Workers’ compensation laws and insurance provider policies are intentionally designed to be confusing and difficult to progress past and stumbling through your claim blind predisposes you to not receiving the benefits you need.

Working with a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer should be a priority for anyone who gets hurt or ill at work in Sunset Hills. Call Longo Biggs Injury Law to learn more today.

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