If you get hurt or ill due to conditions you were exposed to at work, you may have access to numerous benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. These benefits are meant to help restore you to your pre-accident condition—or as close to it as possible—by compensating you for financial losses you experienced as a direct consequence of your accident or occupational illness.

Understanding workers’ compensation benefits in Sunset Hills is often a crucial first step to proactively enforcing your rights after sustaining a job-related medical condition that keeps you out of work. If you have questions about what specific benefits might be available in your situation, a qualified workers’ comp attorney at Longo Biggs Injury Law could provide the answers you need in a during a private consultation.

Workers’ Comp May Include Reimbursement for Reasonable Medical Expenses

The most immediately apparent benefit that workers’ compensation insurance in Sunset Hills provides is restitution for all financial costs paid out by an injured or ill worker toward medical treatment. A typical workers’ compensation claim should account for both past expenses that an injured or ill worker has already paid and future costs that the worker will incur for additional medical and/or rehabilitative care.

In most situations, indirect expenses related to medical care can be covered through workers’ comp too. For example, if a particular injury requires a worker to drive an hour away from home for appointments at a facility that specializes in a unique procedure or type of care, various travel expenses for gas, trip mileage, and parking fees may be recoverable through workers’ comp.

A dedicated Sunset Hills attorney at Longo Biggs Injury Law could advocate for the injured party to receive sufficient reimbursement as part of their workers’ compensation benefit package.

Missed Wages Due to Harms Acquired from Jobs in Sunset Hills

Workers’ compensation should also provide restitution for a portion of short-term wages or salary a worker misses while recovering from a job-related injury or illness. These “temporary total disability benefits” generally equate to two-thirds of a claimant’s gross average weekly compensation prior to getting hurt or sick, which the worker in question may continue to receive until their physician determined they have reached “maximum medical improvement.”

“Temporary partial disability benefits” may alternatively be available for workers who can return to their job while recovering but cannot work at their pre-incident capacity. These workers’ compensation benefits in Sunset Hills typically last until the claimant can return to their usual wage or salary based on their work capacity. A proactive lawyer at Longo Biggs Injury Law could ensure an injured employee receives the correct wages they are owed for as long as they require them.

Permanent Disability Benefits in Sunset Hills

If a workplace accident or illness leaves a worker with a long-term or permanent disability that prevents them from ever returning to their old job, workers’ compensation may provide permanent partial or total disability benefits. The former may be available if a worker is able to hold some form of employment but can no longer perform the duties required for the job they had when they became injured or ill. The latter option applies in situations where a worker is unable to perform any job due to the severity of their condition.

The value of permanent disability benefits can vary substantially based on what part of a worker’s body is disabled and how severe their disability is, as can the length of time those benefits will be paid out. Currently, the longest period of time that an injured or ill worker may receive permanent disability benefits is 400 weeks for a 100 percent disabling injury like quadriplegia.

A hard-working attorney with Longo Biggs Injury Law could work with the claimant and their medical team, so they receive the benefits they need.

Call a Sunset Hills Attorney About Available Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Depending on how you were hurt and how long your injury will last, you may have various benefits available to you under the workers’ compensation coverage provided by your employer. However, ensuring you receive all the benefits you qualify for can be very difficult to manage alone, especially if you are permanently disabled because of your workplace accident or illness.

Assistance from legal counsel could be crucial to maximizing workers’ compensation benefits in Sunset Hills. Reach out to Longo Biggs Injury Law today.

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