The process of filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits is consistent, at least in terms of the basic procedures and prerequisite conditions involved. Settling a workers’ comp claim, on the other hand, has no standardized approach that will guarantee a positive outcome, nor is it something that even the most well-informed worker will have good odds of succeeding with if they try to resolve their case alone.

When it comes to workers’ compensation settlements in Sunset Hills, there is no substitute for guidance from a capable and compassionate workers’ compensation lawyer. By working with seasoned workers’ compensation attorneys at Longo Biggs Injury Law, you could more effectively advocate for your rights throughout every stage of settlement negotiations and give yourself better chances of securing the financial recovery you need.

How Valuable Are Workers’ Compensation Settlements?

Much like personal injury claims, the value of a workers’ comp claim can change dramatically from case to case, since it is based on the specific injury or illness a worker sustained, the degree to which their newfound condition has impacted their life, and how long it is expected to impact their life moving forward. Furthermore, since a workers’ comp settlement invariably means getting a lump sum payment, it is possible that what seems like a fair offer at first may turn out to be anything but fair as the years pass.

That said, settling a workers’ compensation case in Sunset Hills can often be a much better option than continually fighting for benefits, especially if a worker’s injury or illness is straightforward enough to simplify the process of estimating future losses. In any event, it is always worth discussing options with an experienced attorney at Longo Biggs Injury Law before accepting any workers’ comp settlement offer or trying to negotiate a better one.

Basic Procedures for Settling a Workers’ Comp Claim

Although it is possible in a legal sense to settle a Sunset Hills workers’ comp claim at any point after a claimant becomes injured or ill, it is generally best to do so after reaching maximum medical improvement. At this point, it is much easier to identify the extent and severity of any long-term disability a claimant may be dealing with, and therefore, easier to determine a fair settlement amount.

Rather than proceeding immediately to a workers’ compensation hearing in court, the settlement process in Sunset Hills goes through some type of out-of-court dispute resolution if a claimant cannot come to an agreement with the relevant insurance company about a fair offer. Regardless of how a settlement agreement comes about, though, a judge within the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Commission must confirm the settlement in question did not stem from fraud or undue influence and that the claimant agreed to it voluntarily and with full knowledge of their rights.

A knowledgeable lawyer at Longo Biggs Injury Law could help guide the injured worker through the process of obtaining a workers’ compensation settlement.

Reach out to a Sunset Hills Attorney for Help Pursuing a Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Obtaining a fair settlement for a workers’ comp claim can be substantially more challenging than obtaining short-term benefits, which itself is far from a simple matter in many situations. Fortunately, help is available from capable legal professionals who have years of experience helping workers like you understand and enforce their rights.

Workers’ compensation settlements in Sunset Hills are almost always best left to qualified workers’ comp attorneys at Longo Biggs Injury Law to handle on behalf of injured claimants. Call today to learn how a legal representative could help you.

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