Getting crushed is one of the most devastating types of injuries you can endure. This harm occurs if you or a part of your body is pinned under heavy machinery, equipment, or vehicles among other things. These emergency situations could lead to amputation, disability, and much more.

You deserve to have your case handled correctly and by a workers’ injury attorney who understand these types of cases. To seek compensation for your losses, consult a seasoned Sunset Hills crush injury lawyer right away.

What are Crush Injuries?

These types of incidents are when a part of the person’s body is trapped or pinned under extremely heavy weight. This weight smushes the body part beneath it and causes severe damage to bones, tissues, muscles, and vital organs. Crushes often create uniquely damaging medical conditions that are difficult to treat.

Getting crushed is especially common for those who work with heavy machinery or equipment. They could find a finger, limb, or their whole body trapped beneath a dangerous heavy object. If someone was hurt like this while at work, they deserve monetary damages through the workers’ compensation system in an appropriate case, as a Sunset Hills attorney could further explain.

Medical Complications from Crushes

People who were crushed face very serious complications after their initial incident as well. The extensive damage done by a work injury can result in complications like amputation, compartment syndrome, and rhabdomyolysis.


These types of injuries can destroy blood vessels and nerves in limbs. This can cause the nerves and blood vessels to die and amputation may be required. Getting crushed may also be so severe that repair is simply not feasible.

Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome may occur when injuries cuts off blood supply to the person’s limbs. This requires immediate medical attention. Otherwise, it can cause tissue death and necessitate amputation if not treated very quickly.


Crushes destroy muscle tissue by smushing it or cutting off blood flow. If muscle tissue breaks down too quickly, the damaged cells release harmful chemicals into the body. The chemical can quickly build up and lead to kidney failure.

These complications and others could result in long-term hospitalization or even death. To learn more about the potential aftereffects of getting a body part crushed, call a Sunset Hills injury attorney now.

Submitting a Sunset Hills Claim for Getting Crushed

In any type of personal harm case, a plaintiff could file a claim against the person who was responsible for the accident that caused them physical harm. This is the same for crush injuries.

Workers’ Compensation

Likewise, if an employee suffers a crush at work, they are permitted to file for coverage by the workers’ compensation system. This involves providing written notice to the employer of the harm, who then submits it to their insurance company or third-party administrator. Many employers and their insurance companies seek to avoid paying for damages. The treatment for these injuries is often very expensive, and they would prefer not to pay. They may even reject a perfectly valid claim.

A competent Sunset Hills attorney knows how to fight back against rejected claims for crush injuries to pursue the full amount to which the employee is entitled.

Get Help with a Crush Injury Attorney in Sunset Hills

This type of harm is devastating and expensive to treat. If the accident happens at work, your employer is supposed to make sure you are taken care of. That is their responsibility under the workers’ compensation system. Too many employers attempt to avoid paying for your harm, but we are here to help. An experienced Sunset Hills crush injury lawyer is prepared to consult on your case. Get in touch with our legal team today to get started.

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