If a person’s negligent actions cause you harm, you should not have to pay for their mistakes. Whether it was a person or company that caused your losses, you could have the right to collect compensation.

Personal injury law is in place to help individuals who suffer physical harm and property damage because of someone else’s careless or reckless actions. If you sustained losses in an avoidable accident, contact an experienced Eureka personal injury lawyer to schedule a consultation. Our diligent attorneys could help you collect the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

Types of Accident Cases in Eureka

Personal injury covers a broad range, and it is the most expansive section within civil claims law. Different types of claims that fall under this category include:

It is vital to have a hard-working lawyer with experience in personal injury law to ensure the maximum potential payout for damages. A personal accident settlement attorney in Eureka could help the plaintiff hold the negligent party accountable.

Insurance Companies in Personal Accident Claims

After someone’s negligence causes harm and damages, the plaintiff or a representative must deal with insurance company adjusters and attempt to reach a fair settlement amount.

While the representatives may seem helpful, they are looking to reduce the settlement amount. They will also begin with settlement amounts much too low to cover the total losses and damages. It is always good to have a Eureka personal injury attorney handle all communication with insurance companies. They could take care of the negotiations and help ensure the injured party receives the maximum possible payout.

Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Every state limits the time a person can file personal accident claims after an accident. Under the Revised Statute of Missouri 516.140, the claimant must file a civil lawsuit within two years.

If they do not know of their damages immediately, they have up to ten years for discovery. Meaning if they discover injuries that relate to the accident at some point within ten years, they have two years from that day to file the civil claim for damages.

Property Damage

If they sustained property damages in the same accident, they have up to five years to file a compensation claim. A knowledgeable attorney could help the plaintiff prepare the Eureka claim and ensure they file it under the statute’s personal injury guidelines. The claimant must follow many civil laws and regulations when filing a claim for damages. If they do not file the suit correctly, it could cause them to receive a low award amount or hinder them from collecting compensation at all.

Call a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Eureka Today

If a person’s careless actions cause you to sustain damages, you should not have to pay for the ramifications their reckless behavior caused. An accident can come from nowhere and leave you with lasting consequences.

You may miss extended time from work and have medical bills piling up in the corner. The situation can be stressful, and many do not know where to begin. A Eureka personal injury lawyer could work with you to build a solid claim for damages and advocate on your behalf. Call now to schedule a consultation and ensure you meet the statute of limitations deadline.

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