Every company in Missouri that retains five or more employees has a legal obligation to supply workers’ compensation coverage to all employees, which should provide various benefits in the event of a workplace accident. The single most common source of such accidents nationwide is overexertion—in other words, workers continuing to push themselves past fatigue, mental strain, and sometimes repetitive stress injuries in order to meet a quota or finish daily tasks.

On-the-job injuries stemming from overexertion could serve as grounds for workers’ compensation claims, as any seasoned workers’ comp attorney could affirm. If you were hurt while working under circumstances like this, talking to a Sunset Hills overexertion injury lawyer at Longo Biggs Injury Law about your recovery options is likely in your best interests.

How Overexertion Contributes to Workplace Accidents

Whenever the body is pushed too far in a short amount of time, it sends signals that slowing down or taking a break may be crucial to avoiding future injury. Unfortunately, it is far too common in virtually every industry for workers to ignore these aches, pains, and mental blocks, sometimes because their employers threaten them with future consequences or even the loss of their job if their performance suffers.

Even if a worker follows every applicable safety precaution and performs their duties with care, fatigue greatly increases the risk that they will make a mistake or not react quickly enough to someone else’s mistake and end up injured as a result. If fatigue leads to a worker developing an injury or illness, a Sunset Hills attorney could help pursue an overexertion injury claim for workers’ comp benefits.

Pursuing Benefits for an Overexertion Injury in Sunset Hills

Broadly speaking, workers’ compensation covers all injuries and illnesses that occur as a direct result of conditions a worker is exposed to while on the clock and performing job duties. Accordingly, if overexertion on the job leads directly to a workplace accident or occupational illness, pursuing a workers’ comp claim based on that condition is generally a straightforward process.

However, things get more complex if overexertion at work primes an employee for an injury that occurs off the clock that affects a worker’s ability to perform their normal job duties. In this situation, proving a causal link between working conditions and the injury or illness in question can require substantial documentation from healthcare providers, objective records of hours worked and tasks performed, and potentially even testimony from subject matter experts, coworkers, and family members who may have noticed a change in an injured worker’s behavior due to their working conditions.

No matter how overexertion harms a particular employee in Sunset Hills, guidance from a dedicated lawyer at Longo Biggs Injury Law could be vital to protecting their rights and preserving their chances of securing fair compensation

Get in Touch with a Sunset Hills Overexertion Injury Attorney

Employees working too hard and overexerting themselves is a serious problem in Missouri and a major cause of work-related injuries. If you suffered a job-related illness or injury because you were overly fatigued, pursuing workers’ compensation benefits could be key to maintaining your prospects for a productive future career and life.

A Sunset Hills overexertion injury lawyer could work diligently on your behalf through every stage of your workers’ compensation claim. Schedule your initial consultation with Longo Biggs Injury Law today.

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