Trauma to the back is debilitating, painful, and often long-lasting. This is, unfortunately, an all-too-common workplace incident. Workers’ compensation benefits should help you recoup the expenses you face and provide you medical treatment to help your recover. However, the workers’ comp system is often difficult to navigate without the right legal assistance. Many employers attempt to avoid paying for back damages by blaming pre-existing conditions or claiming the injury occurred outside of work.

To seek payment of your claim, let a dedicated Sunset Hills workplace back injury lawyer fight for you. Speak with our dedicated workers’ injury attorneys today about your case.

Causes of Workplace Back Trauma

Many workers sustain their spine injury because of strenuous jobs that they are required to do. If the incident occurred while on the job, the worker should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in most situations.

Common causes of back trauma include, but are not limited to:

  • Lifting heavy weight
  • Sudden twisting or imbalance
  • Employee negligence
  • Improper safety precautions at work
  • Incorrect lifting
  • Repetition injuries

These causes and countless others could be why the employee is suffering a painful back injury. A Sunset Hills attorney is available to help file a claim for compensation for someone suffering from trauma to their back.

Common Types Back Damage in Sunset Hills

Workers could sustain a damage to their backs from many different causes. In each of these, several common injuries may result. These could include:

  • Bulging discs
  • Slipped discs
  • Chronic pain
  • Pinched nerves
  • Spasms
  • Lumbar and cervical disk fractures
  • Muscle tears and strains
  • Spinal cord damage or paralysis

The treatment necessary for these back injuries will differ on the severity and type of the trauma, as a Sunset Hills workplace attorney could further explain. If it was incurred at work, the damage should be covered by the employer. Too many employers will attempt to avoid paying for these damages, even when they are supposed to.

Benefits Available in Workplace Back Injury Cases

If an incident occurs at work, it should be a part of the workers’ compensation system. This system is designed to offer benefits to an injured employee without having to prove that the employer was negligent. This “no fault” system is meant to protect both employee and employer from incurring extremely high costs.

Benefits available under the workers’ compensation system may include medical benefits, temporary and permanent total disability, and temporary and permanent partial disability.

Temporary Benefits

Temporary benefits help a person until they can return to their regular work duties. There are limitations on temporary benefits that are unique to a person’s individual injuries. A qualified Sunset Hills attorney can help the employee understand these limits while navigating their workplace back injury case.

Permanent Disability

Permanent disability payments are based on the affected part of the body, the average wage the employee had, and the extent of the disability. A person who suffers an amputation will receive payments at ten percent higher than the scheduled benefit as compensation for the loss of limb.

Seek Recovery with a Sunset Hills Workplace Back Injury Attorney

Every work incident deserves the attention of a workers’ compensation attorney. A spine injury in the workplace can cause you serious pain and significantly limit your daily life. You may be owed substantial compensation from your employer. To get help, consult an experienced Sunset Hills workplace back injury lawyer. Call our office today so that we can begin helping you.

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