A serious accident can completely alter your life and cause you to suffer significant damages. Not only could your injuries be extremely severe and painful—you may also be drowning in debt because of them. When all these things pile up, it can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. The good news is: You have options. A personal injury case could help you put the costs of an injury where they belong—on the party responsible for the accident.

An experienced St. Louis personal injury lawyer knows what it takes to pursue these claims and could help you win the compensation you deserve to move forward with your life. Allow our team of dedicated attorneys to be your loyal advocates throughout the entire legal process.

Defining a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury claim is a form of civil action that seeks financial compensation following an avoidable accident resulting in a person’s injury. These monetary damages are appropriate when an injured individual— a plaintiff—was hurt because of another party’s—a defendant’s—negligence.

In addition to determining blame, a plaintiff—with the assistance of a committed St. Louis personal injury attorney—must also prove the extent of their losses. When someone else’s negligence is connected to these damages, an injured person could be awarded full financial recovery.

Common Personal Injury Claims in St. Louis

There are numerous kinds of accidents that can lead to personal injury claims. Some of the more frequent cases our personal injury lawyers in St. Louis handle include:

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Motor vehicle accidents are especially common forms of personal injury cases. Car, truck, and motorcycle wrecks can all result in devastating damage—to both a person’s personal property and their own bodies.

Workplace Accidents

Accidents at work can be severe. Whether the injured person works in an office or a dangerous construction site, there is always a potential for injuries on the job. This type of claim may be against the employer and go through the workers’ compensation system. Other cases may be against third parties and fall under personal injury law. A knowledgeable injury attorney in St. Louis could provide invaluable assistance in either situation.

Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice claims stem from mistakes by nurses, doctors, and others in the medical profession. When they breach the required standard of care, any resulting injuries may be compensable through a personal injury action.

These claims may hold the doctor, hospital, or other party responsible for harm caused. These types of cases usually require expert testimony and significant medical evidence, so it is crucial to have a seasoned legal professionals’ guidance.

Wrongful Death Cases

When someone loses their life in an accident, the surviving family members are left to pick up the pieces. They are suddenly robbed of their loved one’s company and must deal with the major expenses associated with their death. This could include lost income, funeral expenses, and much more.

Consult with a St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney

While personal injury cases can be uniquely complex based on the type of accident, the confident and tenacious attorneys at our firm know how to handle them. Whether you suffered through medical negligence, in a motor vehicle accident, or even lost a loved one—you could be entitled to a major financial award.

Let a compassionate and determined St. Louis personal injury lawyer help represent you in your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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