Suffering work-related injuries can turn your life upside down and is always stressful. Fortunately, most workers in this state are eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace injury. The benefits cover medical care, partially lost wages, or permanent disability if necessary.

Organizations that provide these benefits have immunity from civil lawsuits in the event of accidents. However, if an at-fault third party is involved, filing a civil personal injury claim may also be an option. Schedule a meeting with a seasoned work injury attorney to learn more about what to do after a workplace accident in High Ridge.

Knowing the Steps to Take After a Workplace Accident is Vital, as Most Employers Must Carry Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Most companies with five or more employees must carry workers’ compensation benefits in the state of Missouri. However, some employers—such as private contractors with one or more employees—must also provide coverage. The definition of employee under Missouri law includes full and part-time employees as well as seasonal or temporary workers.

The legislation does provide exceptions to the benefits rule for a small number of workers in this state. Those who employ the following types of workers may receive exceptions under the law:

  • Farm laborers
  • Real estate agents
  • Direct sales staff
  • CDL drivers
  • Domestic servants

Sole proprietors and individuals in partnerships or limited liability companies are responsible for their coverage unless they choose to opt-out.

What to do When Accidents Involve a Third-Party

Some workplace accidents happen because of a negligent third-party company. Those parties would not have the same protection as the organization they contract with, and a civil lawsuit could be an option. Examples of accidents that could involve third parties include:

A diligent High Ridge attorney could review the specifics of a certain case and answer questions about what to do after a workplace accident.

Reporting Injuries to an Employer After an Incident on the Job

High Ridge employees must understand how workers’ compensation works and take certain steps after an injury on the job to ensure they do not delay benefits or lose eligibility. According to the Revised Statutes of Missouri Section § 287.420, the first step to begin the benefits process after a workplace accident is reporting injuries in writing to the employer. The injured team member should report the damage to their supervisor or manager immediately.

However, when reporting the accident is not possible right away, the worker must alert their employer in writing within 30 days of the incident. If an individual suffers from repetitive use injuries, they must report them to their employer within 30 days of reasonably discovering the damage. The written notice should provide the accident and injury’s time, place, and circumstances. Lawyers knowledgeable about what to do after a workplace injury in High Ridge could guide an injured worker throughout the process.

Speak to an Experienced Attorney About What to do After a Workplace Accident in High Ridge

If you suffered injuries while completing your job duties, you must act quickly to get the workers’ compensation benefits process started. While hiring legal representation is not a requirement—the workers’ comp process is challenging to navigate—and they could ensure you get the benefits you deserve in a timely manner.

Missing a step or an error in information could delay your claim significantly. In some cases, the insurer could deny you altogether. Schedule a consultation with a qualified lawyer to learn more particulars about what to do after a workplace accident in High Ridge.

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