Work injuries can prevent you from earning a living and require extensive and ongoing medical care for a full recovery. Most employees in this state can collect workers’ compensation benefits after suffering injuries on the job.

While many know they are available, it is often a surprise when they receive a denial and see how challenging the process of collecting the benefits can be in most cases. Schedule an appointment with a High Ridge workers’ compensation denial lawyer if you need help with your claim.

Applying for Benefits After Receiving a Denial

After a work injury, the first important step to take to determine eligibility is to file a claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Some workers will receive an approval after applying the first time and will begin receiving their benefits within a matter of weeks.

Unfortunately, a larger group will receive initial denials. While receiving a denial can add additional stress to an already overwhelming situation, there are options. The first thing to do is read and understand the Denial of Benefits Letter and the list of reasons it provides. It is also wise to contact a dedicated High Ridge workers’ compensation denial attorney. They could answer questions and research to help determine the best course of action. Some of the common reasons people receive a denial of benefits include the following:

  • The worker did not report the injury to their employer within the law’s required timeframe
  • The applicant missed the filing deadline
  • The employer or their insurance provider is disputing or contesting the claim, such as asserting inappropriate behavior when the accident occurred
  • The worker failed to seek medical treatment
  • Lack of evidence the injury occurred on the job
  • Administrative data errors

There are many reasons the employer or insurer may issue a denial of benefits, but there are also many options to appeal the decision.

The Legal Process for Appealing a Denial of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations is the agency that oversees the Workers’ Compensation system in this state. The department and administrative law govern the system rather than the civil court.

When workers wish to appeal the award of benefits or denial, they can implement Dispute Management Services to request a mediation or conference with an administrative law judge (ALJ). The judge will conduct a hearing and review all the case evidence. An injured worker must be prepared to speak at the hearing, which is why it is in their best interest to enlist the help of a capable workers’ compensation denial lawyer in High Ridge.

The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Division’s Dispute Management Unit could work with the attorney and the injured worker to try and resolve the dispute without resorting to formal litigation.

Call a High Ridge Workers’ Compensation Denial Attorney Today

Most people know their employer offers workers’ compensation benefits but know little about the process and the challenges it takes to receive them. It is often an unpleasant surprise when they receive a denial letter and read all the steps they must take to appeal the decision.

The good news is an experienced and hard-working High Ridge workers’ compensation denial lawyer can provide legal support and help you through the process. They could answer your questions and advocate to help you recover the benefits you need and deserve. Call today.

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