Workplace accidents are always an unpleasant surprise, and collecting benefits is all-consuming and frustrating in most cases. Therefore, many reach out to a hard-working and compassionate lawyer for guidance and to ask questions about how to apply for workers’ compensation in High Ridge.

A qualified workers’ comp attorney could research and investigate if there are issues and help you through the process to avoid unnecessary delays. There are steps to take immediately after a workplace accident, so please call soon to set up a meeting with a capable legal professional.

Applying for Workers’ Comp Benefits After a Workplace Injury

Most injured employees or dependents have the right to file a claim to collect benefits with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Yet, applicants must ensure they follow the procedures the state employment laws require properly, such as reporting the injuries to their employer and seeking medical care.

After which, they can apply for workers’ compensation benefits by completing a Claim for Compensation and mailing it to the agency. After the initial filing, they will receive full approval, an approval modifying the benefits amounts, a settlement offer, or a Denial of Benefits Letter.

The agency has come a long way with modern technology to make the system quick and simple to understand and follow. However, receiving a denial and going through the appeal process is common because most cases are complex. For that reason, many choose to contact a seasoned High Ridge attorney for guidance and tips when applying for workers’ compensation benefits.

Denials and Appeals Processes

Injured workers should never take a denial of benefits after filing as the final decision. Most individuals who apply must complete additional steps before they start collecting payments.

An insurer could issue a denial letter because of an error in the data, missing documentation, or missing a deadline. It is always in the party’s best interest to reach out to a skilled legal professional right away to get the appeals process started and avoid additional problems and delays.

Required Steps and Time Frames to File for Workers’ Compensation

A significant reason for delays or denials of workers’ comp benefits is failing to complete the requirements as the law requires. According to the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations and Workers’ Compensation laws, the injured worker must meet the following steps for benefits approval:

  • Report injuries to employers within 30 days
  • Seek medical care immediately
  • The individual must file the claim for benefits with the Division of Workers’ Compensation within two years of sustaining the injury or illness
  • Review the statement of available benefits
  • Resolve issues and file appeals within the strictly enforced time frames, if necessary

There are more steps and requirements to collect workers’ comp benefits than most people are aware of, and the process can be overwhelming. Thus, many choose to reach out to a diligent lawyer to learn how to apply for workers’ compensation after a workplace injury in High Ridge.

Call an Attorney Knowledgeable About How to Apply for High Ridge Workers’ Compensation

The workers’ compensation laws and requirements are confusing and overwhelming for most who try and apply for benefits without help. While a few individuals receive approval and start collecting benefits without speed bumps, many more have additional steps to take to receive their payments.

Reach out to a well-practiced lawyer to learn more details about how to apply for workers’ compensation in High Ridge. Call today to begin working on your case this week.

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