Sustaining injuries at your workplace can be an overwhelming experience, leaving you out of work with dwindling finances. Trying to recover your losses in a workers’ compensation claim can add further stress to your situation. If you are unfamiliar with the parameters of the process and requirements for seeking medical treatment, you could find yourself facing a denial of your claim.

By contacting an experienced attorney, you could learn more about the steps to take when seeking medical treatment after a workplace injury in High Ridge. When pursued correctly, workers’ compensation claims can provide you with vital benefits to secure your financial future.

Employer Obligations

In Missouri, there are strict laws regarding employer obligations toward their employees. One such area of obligation is workers’ compensation insurance.

Generally, any employer who employs five or more employees in the state of Missouri is legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, if an employer is involved in the construction industry, they must carry workers’ compensation insurance if they employ even one employee.

Certain exceptions to the insurance obligations exist for particular groups of individuals, such as federal workers who would otherwise be covered by federal law. Additional exceptions include farm workers and certain household workers. Given the exceptions to the rule, it is important to consult with a seasoned legal professional in High Ridge prior to seeking medical treatment after a workplace injury.

Seeking Treatment

Before seeking medical attention, the first step an injured employee should take after a workplace injury in High Ridge is to promptly notify their employer of their injury. Failure to properly notify an employer could impact a workers’ compensation claim when a victim does not follow the appropriate steps.

Immediately after notifying an employer, the employee should seek medical attention. In Missouri, employers are required to cover the expenses of reasonable medical treatment for a workplace injury.

It is important to note that employers in Missouri have a right to choose the medical provider an employee visits. This means that to receive compensation for medical expenses, an employee must seek medical services from the medical practitioner the employer selects. Employees are free to seek other medical treatment, but they will be responsible for the expenses associated with that treatment.

In High Ridge, medical treatment after a workplace injury can be compensated by a successful workers’ compensation claim. However, injured employees must follow the appropriate procedures and allow their employer to select the provider to ensure their rights.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If an injured employee follows the appropriate steps and is successful on their workers’ compensation claim, they may be entitled to more than just their medical expenses. Additional benefits for workers’ compensation vary depending on the extent of the injury and the ability of an employee to return to work.

Generally, an employee can be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for a partial or a total disability due to workplace injury. These benefits can apply for a temporary period if the employee recovers and can return to work, or they could be eligible for a longer period if the injury is permanent.

The amount and length of workers’ compensation benefits will vary depending on the specific injuries sustained by the employee. However, when adhering to appropriate procedures, an employee who sustains a workplace injury in High Ridge should receive benefits to compensate them for medical treatment.

Call a Lawyer to Learn More about Medical Treatment After a Workplace Injury in High Ridge

Consulting a well-practiced attorney can help clarify the specific steps you must take in order to be successful on a workers’ compensation claim. It is important to understand your obligations as well as the obligations of your employer to receive benefits.

Schedule an initial consultation today to learn more about medical treatment after a workplace injury in High Ridge. Contacting a knowledgeable legal professional could help ensure you receive the payment you deserve.

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