Every maker of products throughout the state of Missouri has an obligation to ensure that those products do not harm consumers. This includes the duty to have a safe design as well as to provide proper warnings and instructions for safe use.

If a defective product caused you harm, a High Ridge product liability lawyer could help people like you pursue a claim for damages. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney could explain the state’s product liability laws, gather evidence concerning your injury, and build a strong case for compensation on your behalf.

Duties of Product Manufacturers

Makers of products have a responsibility to the community. This involves making and selling a product that serves its intended purpose and functions as designed.

Of course, not every maker takes this duty seriously. Motivated by either greed or laziness, manufacturers may not fully test a product before releasing it into the market. In other scenarios, a maker may recognize that there is a problem with a product but not issue a recall, making the calculation that the costs of any litigation or settlements will not eclipse the costs of recalling a dangerous item. A well-practiced defective products attorney could provide more information about how makers in High Ridge may fail in their obligations to keep customers safe.

Proving Maker Liability

Laws in High Ridge offer injured plaintiffs two ways to prove that a maker failed in their duty to provide a safe product. Under Missouri Statute § 537.760, the maker of a product is strictly liable for the injuries of their customers if:

  • The product was defective as a result of a design or manufacturing error, or
  • The product was unreasonably dangerous for its expected use because the maker failed to provide proper instructions for appropriate use

A skilled High Ridge product liability attorney could help an injured consumer choose a legal path that brings the best chance for success. This includes thorough investigations to obtain evidence about the design and manufacturing process as well as how the maker determined which instructions to provide for safe use.

Demanding Comprehensive Compensation

The purpose of any personal injury claim is to help make an injured person whole again, and a product liability claim is no exception. The core of the claim will involve the expenses associated with all necessary medical care. In cases of permanent injury or disfigurement, this could include estimated costs of future care and ongoing rehabilitation.

A claim must also inquire as to the economic damage that resulted from the incident. If the product’s failure caused property damage, such as by causing a fire, a claim could demand payment for these losses. A claim can also evaluate the lost wages suffered by the injured party.

Finally, a physical injury often has a mental component. If a person now suffers from PTSD connected to the failure of the product or has sought emotional counseling, a claim could demand payment for these traumas. A seasoned product liability lawyer in High Ridge could pursue appropriate compensation connected to a maker’s negligence.

A High Ridge Product Liability Attorney Could Hold Negligent Product Makers Accountable

Every year, thousands of people suffer severe personal injuries as a result of defective products. These people have the right to demand payments for the costs of medical care, reimbursement for lost wages or property damage, and even payments for emotional trauma.

Still, proving that a product’s maker failed to provide safe items is a complicated legal process. It is not enough to show that the use of a product resulted in an injury. The law states that you must show that an injury was the result of a defect in the product or the maker’s failure to provide warnings for safe use.

A High Ridge product liability lawyer could help you pursue your claim for damages. However, there is a limited time to demand compensation following an injury, and many of these cases can be very complex. Call today to get started.

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