After suffering an accident in the workplace, you could be eligible to collect workers’ compensation while you recuperate. Your employer pays the benefits, covering medical expenses and the loss of pay while you are at home resting and recovering from your injuries.

While most employees in the state of Missouri are eligible to collect workers’ compensation, that does not mean the process is easy. It is not uncommon for an injured applicant to receive a denial from the insurer after submitting an initial request. A knowledgeable Eureka workers’ compensation lawyer could help you through the complex process and ensure you get the full amount of benefits the law entitles you to receive. Reach out to one of our dedicated injury attorneys today to get started.

Common Work-Related Injuries in Eureka

Depending on the line of work, there is a vast range of injuries a person can suffer while completing their job duties. Some of the most common accidents or injuries that lead to an employee collecting workers’ comp benefits include:

  • Lifting injuries
  • Ladder injuries
  • Injuries from falling objects
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Power tool and industrial equipment accidents
  • Electrocution
  • Knee injuries
  • Exposure to occupational disease

A Eureka workers’ comp settlement attorney could review the injury and details of a particular accident to help determine what benefits a person is eligible to collect.

Missouri Workers’ Compensation Benefits

There are three major categories of benefits an injured worker could be eligible to collect in the state of Missouri:

Medical Expenses Related to the Injury

Upon approval, the employer is responsible for paying all medical bills and expenses related to the work-related injury. Benefits will cover all the reasonable and necessary medical costs an employee needs for recovery.

The Loss of Wages

If a team member cannot work after suffering injuries on the job, they could be eligible to collect short-term disability benefits. The insurer will base the benefits on two-thirds or approximately 67 percent of the person’s salary, typically paying every week.

Disability Payments

Depending on the kind of injury, there are various types of disability benefits an injured worker may be eligible to receive, including:

  • Temporary partial
  • Temporary total
  • Permanent partial
  • Permanent total

The insurer will base disability on the calculation of approximately 67 percent of the team member’s salary, typically paid out on a weekly basis.

Injury Reporting Responsibilities

There are essential steps that the employee and their employer must take after a work-related accident. According to the Missouri Revisor of Statutes §287.420, after sustaining an injury while on the job, the team member should report the accident to their employer right away in writing. The written notice should include:

  • The place of injury
  • Date
  • Time
  • Nature of the damage
  • Employee’s name and address.

Failure to report the injury right away could result in the loss of coverage.

Once the employer receives the written notice, they must inform the Division of Workers’ Compensation of the accident within 30 days. A workers’ comp lawyer in Eureka could answer questions and help ensure the injured party is legally compliant.

Call a Diligent Eureka Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

If you sustained injuries while completing your job duties, an experienced legal professional at our firm could help you get the benefits you deserve. While state law allows most employees the eligibility to collect payments after an injury, the application process can be long and complicated.

It is especially challenging for those with no experience navigating through the workers’ compensation system. If you or someone you love suffered an injury while at work, contact a seasoned Eureka workers’ compensation lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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