Almost everything that we use in our daily lives comes from a manufacturer. From the cars that we drive to the shoes that we wear to the computers we use to read these web pages—it is impossible to live a modern life without using a manufactured product. While the makers and sellers of these products are out to make a profit, they also have an obligation to create a product that is safe for the user. Any failure on the part of these parties that leads to an injury may allow a consumer the right to demand compensation in court.

A Eureka product liability lawyer could help investigate the cause of your injuries and work to link the manufacturing processes of the makers of products to your losses. Once one of our skilled personal injury attorneys uncover manufacturer negligence, they could file a legal claim to pursue compensation for your losses.

How Unsafe Products Can Cause Consumer Harm

Every product is capable of failure. Even the most well-made item will eventually fail when used for extended periods of time. This can result in a variety of injuries that may require extensive medical treatment.

One important thing to remember in any dangerous product case is that a maker or seller of a product is only liable if a user utilizes that product in the intended fashion. For example, a chair manufacturer may be liable if their chair collapses under the weight of a sitting customer. However, that same chair manufacturer will not be liable if a plaintiff falls while using the chair as a stepladder to change a lightbulb.

A Eureka product liability attorney could help injured people examine the connections between their injuries and a product’s failure. Establishing this causation is central to any unsafe product claim. However, merely alleging that an item’s failure caused an injury is insufficient. The laws in Eureka require victims to do much more.

Defective Products Laws in Missouri

Many states require plaintiffs in dangerous product cases to merely prove that a defect in a product’s design resulted in their injury. Other states require plaintiffs to provide an alternative design that may have prevented their injury. The rules in Eureka product liability cases are different.

Missouri Statute § 537.760 lists situations where the maker of a product is liable for the injuries of customers. These include:

  • Proving that the product left the manufacturer’s control in a defective state,
  • Showing that the product was unreasonably dangerous because the maker did not provide proper instructions to a user

For instance, if a driver is injured after the brakes on their car fail, the plaintiff must prove both that the brakes left the manufacturer’s control in an unsafe condition and that a different brake design would have prevented the accident or that the maker did not provide proper instructions for installation or safe use. Because of these high standards, many defective product cases rely on the testimony of expert witnesses. These experts can testify as to why the product was unsafe. A seasoned defective products lawyer in Eureka could help meet these high legal standards.

Let a Eureka Product Liability Attorney Fight for You

It is impossible to live your life without using products. Inevitably, some of these products will fail and have the potential to cause severe damage. Sadly, the laws in Eureka make it very difficult to collect compensation from negligent manufacturers of dangerous products. Still, a lawsuit, or at least a complaint, may be necessary to bring you the compensation that you need and deserve.

A Eureka product liability lawyer could help you overcome the state’s high legal barriers after suffering an injury from a defective product. They could investigate the cause of your injuries, work with an expert who could testify on your behalf, and accurately measure your losses to demand appropriate payments. Contact a diligent attorney at our firm today to schedule a consultation.

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