The weight and massive size of commercial trucks can often lead to devastating results when they are in a crash with passenger car vehicles. If you were in a collision with a tractor-trailer and sustained damages, you may have the right to hold the driver or company they work for financially accountable.

Many insurance companies that represent large truck companies are aggressive and may attempt to settle for a minimum compensation amount or avoid paying altogether by putting the blame on you. That is why it is usually not a good idea to deal directly with insurance representatives on your own. A skilled Eureka truck accident lawyer could handle the communication and negotiations with an insurer on your behalf. Allow our dedicated personal injury attorneys to pursue the full financial recovery you deserve.

Who May Be Liable for Semi-Truck Collisions in Eureka?

While the truck driver could be responsible for a crash, they are not the only party that may be liable after a collision. An 18-wheeler wreck lawyer in Eureka could complete a thorough review of the evidence and determine the responsible parties for an accident. Potential at-fault parties include:

The Truck Driver

If an officer finds the truck driver at fault for an accident, they could be liable for the damages. When a driver does not follow safety regulations and causes a crash, a plaintiff can list them as a defendant in a civil claim.

The Truck Manufacturer

When trucking accidents occur because of a malfunction, the manufacturer could be held liable in court. Examples include a brake malfunction or a design defect.

The Cargo Loaders

There are max load amount regulations on all large commercial trucks. If the cargo loaders overload a vehicle and the excessive weight causes an accident, a court could hold them financially accountable.

The Truck Company

Trucking companies are responsible for vehicle upkeep and hiring safe drivers. When collisions occur because the company does not properly train a driver or hires truckers with poor driving records, the court could hold them responsible for subsequent damages.

Eureka Commercial Truck Safety Laws

Many federal and state laws regulate commercial trucking safety on the roadways. The regulations govern the drivers safely operating the vehicles, the weight of trucks, and the upkeep of the large tractor-trailers.

According to the Revised Statute of Missouri §307.400, every trucking company must ensure regular inspection, maintenance, and repair of all the commercial vehicles they operate under state legislation. If a wreck occurs and the evidence reveals the trucking company or driver did not keep up with maintenance, the court could hold them financially and criminally accountable when there are severe injuries.

Recoverable Damages Following an Accident with an 18-Wheeler

When a plaintiff successfully proves fault after a collision with a heavy commercial truck, the civil court may award compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Award amounts could cover:

  • Current and future medical expenses that relate to the accident
  • The loss of pay and other benefits while the plaintiff recovers
  • Home modifications, if necessary
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Losing the enjoyment of life

A Eureka semi-truck collision settlement attorney could help collect the evidence needed to prove damages.

Schedule a Meeting with a Seasoned Eureka Truck Accident Attorney

Tractor-trailer wrecks are often traumatic events and can have devastating consequences for everyone involved. They can leave motorists with severe and life-altering injuries and significant property damages.

When a driver’s negligence or other related party causes the accident, you have every right to hold them accountable. For assistance with insurance company communication and filing suit, call a Eureka truck accident lawyer at our firm. The sooner you begin working on a claim, the better your chance of finding the pertinent evidence needed for comprehensive financial recovery.

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