The choice to put a loved one in the care of a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions you may have to make in your life. While all facilities in Eureka must receive accreditation from the state of Missouri, not every facility operates with the expected dedication to resident care and comfort. All nursing facilities have an obligation to provide skilled nursing care to their residents. In addition, a nursing home must also provide a safe environment that protects its residents from accidental injuries. Sadly, many facilities fail in this duty, leading to residents suffering from severe injuries that are magnified by their already frail health.

If you believe that a loved one has endured mistreatment in a local nursing home, immediately seek guidance from a Eureka nursing home abuse lawyer. One of the committed injury attorneys at our firm could investigate to determine whether your loved one is suffering neglect or even intentional violence at the hands of their caretakers. Assisted living facilities that allow such misconduct to occur on their premises carry civil liability to fully compensate the injured residents for their losses.

Missouri State Laws and Protections for Nursing Home Residents

The Nursing Home Residents’ Rights is the state of Missouri’s collection of laws concerning the rights of nursing home residents. Among these rights includes:

  • The right to privacy concerning their medical treatment and communications
  • The right to dignity and respect
  • The right to humane care and environment
  • The right to be free from abuse, neglect, and restraints

This statute can serve as a guideline for relatives to determine if their loved one has endured abuse at the hands of a nursing home. Any violation of these rules could serve as the basis for a lawsuit, but especially instances involving physical or mental abuse can cause compensable losses. A knowledgeable Eureka nursing home abuse attorney could help residents and their families to understand their rights and to take action in case of a violation of their legal rights.

Common Failures by Nursing Homes that Result in Injuries

Nursing homes serve two functions. The first is to provide skilled and competent care to their residents. A person enters a nursing home because they are in poor health or are in need of continuous supervision. Typical functions of nursing homes to meet this obligation include administering medication, assessing a resident’s vital functions, and administering first aid in the event of an injury. A failure to provide this care can result in a variety of injuries that creates civil liability.

The second responsibility of nursing facilities is to provide a safe environment for their residents. This includes, though is not limited to, all of the following:

  • Ensuring that residents have a proper diet
  • Providing aid with bathing, dressing, and walking
  • Ensuring that all walkways have handrails and are safe for residents
  • Providing properly trained staff

Failures in any of the instances above may result in broken bones, malnutrition, or severe injuries that result from abusive staff members.

The law also asserts that a nursing home is always responsible for the actions of their employees, meaning instances of negligent or abusive staff actions implicate both the staff member and the facility as a whole. A skilled nursing facility mistreatment lawyer in Eureka could help evaluate the actions of staff members to determine if abuse or neglect has directly resulted in a resident’s injury.

Let a Eureka Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Fight for Justice

Every individual living in a nursing home or assisted living facility has the right to live with dignity and respect. This concept is enshrined in state law, and the idea that an injury resulted from negligence or abuse can be the cause of action for a lawsuit. Despite the protections enjoyed by residents, incidents involving abuse or neglect in Eureka nursing homes are common. These can result in a variety of injuries, including broken bones, severe bruising, malnutrition, and mental health deterioration. A negligent nursing home is obligated to pay fair monetary damages to the injured resident or their family following these incidents.

A Eureka nursing home abuse lawyer could help you to collect this compensation. They handle every case with diligence and compassion to meet the needs of both you and your loved ones. Though, there is a time limit to pursue these claims, so contact us today to get started.

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