Suffering severe injuries while on the job can keep you out of work and leave you with mounting medical bills and expenses. Workers’ compensation laws are in place to ensure employers pay for medical care and salary losses after sustaining injuries or an illness while completing your job duties.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the employer or their insurer will try to deny legitimate claims for benefits. It is in your best interest to reach out to a qualified Arnold workers’ compensation lawyer right away for those reasons. Our personal injury attorneys could go over your options and ensure you get the fair coverage amount you deserve.

Potential Benefits in Arnold Employees’ Comp Cases

Benefits from workers’ compensation could cover many of a person’s expenses after injuries. Some of those benefits include:

  • Current and future medical care and expenses
  • Temporary partial or total disability costs
  • Permanent partial or total disability costs
  • Current and future lost wages and benefits

To ensure maximum benefits and to receive approval after a denial, employees must reach out to qualified attorneys in Arnold after suffering injuries while on the job.

Steps to Take after Sustaining Injuries While on the Job

After sustaining injuries while on the job, a worker must take steps to ensure they receive the benefits to which workers’ compensation laws entitle them. The steps include seeking medical case, informing the employer of injuries, and contacting an attorney.

Seek Medical Care Right Away

The worker must see a medical professional immediately after suffering injuries while completing their job duties. Seeking immediate medical care will help ensure the benefits cover all medical expenses the worker accrues due to work-related injury.

Immediately Inform Employer of Injuries

Employees must inform their employer of injuries they suffered while completing their job duties within 30 days of the incident. If they do not report the damages to the employer within the time laws require, they will likely lose the opportunity to collect compensation for benefits.

Contact an Experienced Employees’ Comp Settlement Attorney

With an experienced attorney fighting for a fair amount of benefits in Arnold, employees have much better chances of challenging denials and collecting payment under the benefits the statute entitles them to receive. Successful claims will allow employees to collect the compensation they need to cover expenses and payment losses until they fully recover and return to work.

State Workers’ Compensation Statute

After suffering injuries on the job, the hurt party must understand the statute, including what the law considers an employer. Per the Missouri Revised Statute 287.030, an employer is every person, corporation, or limited liability partnership that uses services for payment.

Every such employer must provide employees’ benefits to all team members if they employ over five individuals. The exception is that construction companies with more than one employee must provide benefits and pay for injuries, illnesses, and losses employees suffer while on the job. A knowledgeable workers’ comp injury attorney in Arnold could help determine if the law requires a person’s employer to offer benefits.

Meet With a Diligent Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Arnold

Insurers and companies deny more than half of employee compensation benefits claims after employees suffer injuries. Attempting to take on and navigate the complex workers’ compensation system alone could result in insurers denying benefits or receiving less than you deserve.

A qualified Arnold workers’ compensation lawyer could help build a solid claim for benefits. After seeking medical attention and filing an accident claim with your employer, reaching out to a hard-working legal professional is the best way to ensure you collect the fair benefits you need and deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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