Injuries from a truck crash could be more likely to be significant and life-altering as compared to other types of vehicle accidents. In addition, the severe injuries could prevent you from returning to work for a significant period, if at all.

When you sustain serious damages in a truck collision, it is important to seek out a qualified attorney to help work with the large truck companies and insurance companies you could face in a lawsuit. A knowledgeable Arnold truck accident lawyer could help fight by your side to hold the liable parties responsible for their actions.

Likely Causes of Commercial Vehicle Collisions

A truck driver is often tasked with traveling substantial distances throughout the country at all times of day and night to complete a job. Due to the long hours driving, some truckers might become tired and more easily distracted while operating their trucks. In addition to distracted driving, some of the other typical causes of truck accidents include:

  • Driving at a high speed
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Road rage
  • Defective equipment or mechanical issues
  • Lack of maintenance on the truck
  • Improperly weighted cargo
  • Cargo that is not properly secured
  • Inadequate road maintenance

Truck accidents can be caused by a variety of reasons; however, due to the large size of trucks, any minor negligent act could result in severe injuries. A seasoned lawyer in Arnold could investigate a case to help determine the parties liable for an 18-wheeler wreck.

Arnold Comparative Negligence Law

If an injured person is found to be responsible or partly responsible for a truck collision, state law could prevent them from recovering full compensation for their damages. Negligence by the injured individual in an accident is known as comparative negligence. The state courts adopted the pure comparative fault rule, which permits recovery even if an injured person is more at fault for an accident.

For example, if a driver injured in a truck accident is found by the judge or jury to be 80 percent responsible for the accident, the injured driver could be permitted to recover 20 percent of the total amount of damages. A well-versed attorney could evaluate a claim to determine the potential legal options for someone injured in a tractor-trailer crash.

What Damages Could be Recoverable in a Truck Crash Case?

Truck crashes could result in severe injuries and damages, which could take many years to recover from. State law provides for recovery of two categories of damages, economic and non-economic, in trucking accidents and the potential for punitive damages in some cases. Economic damages commonly include healthcare costs and lost income, whereas non-economic damages typically include pain and suffering and permanent disability.

A court might award punitive damages in cases involving intentional, reckless behavior that the court wishes to prevent in the future. It is also important for an injured individual to understand the sovereign immunity laws in the state, which exempt state entities from liability absent an exception under 35 Missouri Revised Statutes § 537.600. A skilled Arnold attorney could help fight for full compensation following a serious commercial vehicle accident.

Get in Touch with an Arnold Truck Accident Attorney for Help Today

Following a truck accident, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the number of bills, lost wages, changes in your life, and stress. Do not face large shipping and insurance companies without the help of an experienced legal professional. A dedicated Arnold truck accident lawyer understands the claim process and could evaluate your case to help determine the fair compensation that you should be entitled to from the responsible parties. Schedule your consultation today to determine your legal option for your truck crash claim.

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