If you are involved in an accident on another person’s property, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. A premises liability claim may help you win damages due to a landowner’s negligence. State law protects visitors and imposes certain obligations on property owners to keep those visitors safe. The owner’s negligence is often actionable in a personal injury lawsuit.

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Who Could Be Responsible for a Visitor’s Safety?

An injured person who visited someone’s land needs to know who may be liable for their injuries. This is typically the landowner or manager’s obligation to keep visitors safe. They have a general obligation to protect certain kinds of visitors from harm. Lack of care in doing so can create legal responsibility for the owner.

Multiple parties may be at fault for the injuries, especially if someone is injured on business premises. The manager, owner of the property, and multiple corporate entities may be liable for the injuries the person sustained. Each may be partially or totally responsible for all the injuries, depending on the facts and the legal relationships between those parties. This can get complicated without a knowledgeable Arnold attorney to guide the way through a property accident case.

Legal Status While Visiting Someone’s Land in Arnold

If a person goes to the store or a friend’s house, they do not expect to get injured. That is because owners are expected to make sure that legal visitors remain safe while on their land. If a property owner is negligent and does not ensure the safety of their guests, they could be liable for any resulting damages. The level of care the owner must take is determined by the visitor’s legal status.


An invitee is a person who is permitted to be on the premises for the benefit of the owner. An example of this could be a shopper at a grocery store. This permission may be express, or implied, but they were allowed to be where they visited. Premises managers or owners give invitees the highest duty of care out of all types of visitors. This usually includes the owner clearing the dangerous conditions, conducting reasonable inspections of the property, and providing a warning of potential hazards if they cannot clear them.


Licensees are usually social guests or solicitors to someone’s property. They are permitted to be there, but it is for their own benefit rather than the benefit of the owner. Licensees are still largely protected by state law. Landowners must warn of known dangers, but they might not be required to remove the hazards or conduct inspections.


Trespassers are people that are not allowed on the property. They have no permission to be there, either express or implied. A premises owner does not have a duty to warn of known dangers or conduct inspections. The owner is not, however, permitted to purposely harm a trespasser simply for trespassing.

An Arnold attorney could help someone further understand the rights that each type of visitor has in a premises liability case.

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