If you suffered severe injuries while on the job at a building site, you could be eligible to collect workers’ compensation. Most times, there is also the potential to collect damages from other liable third parties. Third parties could include negligent contractors, property owners, equipment manufacturers, and sub-contractors.

After sustaining injuries while working, it is vital to contact an Arnold construction accident lawyer to begin your claim for benefits. All building companies must provide workers’ compensation benefits if they employ over five team members. However, offering the benefits does not mean they will not fight your claim or try to minimize liability. A personal injury attorney could help someone understand how and when to file for their losses following an incident like this.

Various Types of Construction Accident Claims

Those who suffer injuries on a building site may have several ways to file a claim for damages. A qualified construction injury attorney in Arnold could review the case specifics and help determine which type of claims the injured party could be eligible for compensation.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is insurance an employer provides employees if they sustain injuries while on the job. Benefits can include compensation for losing salary and medical care.

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims arise if individuals suffer an injury because of another person’s negligence while on the job site. Award amounts can include compensation for medical care, missing time from work, and pain and suffering.

Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims occur if a person sustains injuries because of a defective product or, in this case, defective machinery. They can hold the manufacturer liable for damages. Potential awards could cover current and future medical care, missing work time, mental anguish, pain, and suffering.

Common Building Site Injury Causes in Arnold

Many injuries occur on construction sites because the employer does not provide adequate training or focus on quickly completing the job. Some of the most common causes for the accidents include:

  • Unsecured building materials
  • Unsafe worksite safety practices
  • Negligent operation of equipment
  • Failure to mark the boundary of construction
  • Falling scaffolding
  • Lack of protection for workers on tall structures

A hard-working attorney in Arnold could investigate and work with experts to determine the cause of the accident on a building site.

Liability of Employer, Contractors, Subcontractors

If employees suffer injuries and have more than one employer, the workers’ compensation statute provides more options for recovery. Under Missouri Revised Statute 287.040, if the primary employer does not cover all the construction workers’ damages, they may turn to secondary employers for coverage.

Secondary employers can include contractors and subcontractors. The secondary employers have a secondary legal liability to cover the worker for their injuries. The statute also allows this types of employer to collect compensation for the damages they cover from the primary employer.

A statutory worker is a person who performs work under a contract, sustains injuries on the secondary employer’s property, or suffers injuries while completing their regular job duties. A building injury settlement attorney in Arnold could help determine all the potentially liable parties after an accident.

Schedule a Meeting with an Arnold Construction Accident Attorney

Many building site accidents occur because a company puts the work schedule before employee safety. After suffering injuries while working on a job site, seeking medical care is the first and most crucial step.

After seeking care, you should immediately file a notice of sustaining injuries with your employer, then reach out to a hard-working and qualified legal professional to help you through the complex process. If you were in a severe accident while on a job site, call an experienced Arnold construction accident lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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