Slips and falls are among the most common sources of personal injuries that result while on someone else’s land. Even so, the simple fact that a fall occurs on another’s property does not mean that the owner is automatically liable. Instead, the law requires injured people to show that the owner owed them a duty of protection, that the owner failed in this duty, and that this failure resulted in a person’s injury.

Proving these three concepts is always the goal of a St. Louis slip and fall lawyer. Our skilled personal injury attorneys strive to fully investigate every fall to determine your rights under the law and how a landowner was responsible in allowing the incident to occur. They then demand that property owners and insurance companies provide the full compensation that you need to set things right.

Common Causes of Slips and Falls in St. Louis

Slips and falls are common events that can happen at almost any time. Even so, it is important to be able to recognize many of the typical sources of these injuries to be able to connect them to a landowner’s negligence.

Many falls are the result of temporary hazards. These can include standing water, accumulated ice and snow, or freshly waxed floors. In most situations, landowners have an obligation to warn invited guests about these dangers and to regularly inspect their property for these hazards.

Falls can also happen because of structural failures. Broken handrails, loose carpeting, and even failing elevators could all cause a person to fall to the ground and suffer severe injuries.

After every accident, a diligent St. Louis slip and fall attorney works to evaluate a victim’s rights under the law. This includes investigating the reasons a person had for visiting the land and the failure on the part of a property owner to keep them safe.

 Typical Injuries and Recoverable Damages

Slips and falls can be deceptively serious. People who endure these trips to the ground can experience a wide variety of physical injuries, including:

A slip and fall lawsuit seeking compensation will demand payments for the costs of all necessary medical care. However, most slip and fall cases will also seek out compensation for other losses. For example, a physical injury may force a person to miss time at work and lose out on substantial income. In addition, an injury may also lower a person’s overall quality of life or ability to enjoy time with loved ones. A committed slip and fall lawyer in St. Louis works to place an accurate value on every claim and seeks fair payments.

Comparative Negligence in St. Louis Slip and Fall Cases

One thing to keep in mind about all tripping and falling accident cases is that a defendant may try to shift blame onto injured victims. Missouri Revised Statute § 537.765 establishes the legal concept called comparative negligence. In short, it states that an injured person cannot collect full compensation for their injuries if they carry a portion of the blame for an accident. The court must reduce a slip and fall victim’s award by their percentage of fault for their own injuries.

Hiring an experienced trip and fall injury attorney in St. Louis to handle the entire legal process could be a crucial step towards avoiding this shared assignment of blame.

Speak with a St. Louis Slip and Fall Attorney Today

All landowners owe a duty of protection to guests that they invite onto their property. However, the exact extent of this duty will vary, and guests must still take appropriate steps to protect themselves. Nevertheless, many slip and fall accidents that occur on another’s land entitle you to collect compensation for your losses.

Reach out to a St. Louis slip and fall lawyer now. They are ready to listen to your story, evaluate your legal rights, and take the lead in seeking out the payments that you need to fully recover from your losses. Call today to set up a consultation with a capable legal professional.

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