Bicycle enthusiasts love to get out and ride whenever the weather permits. Thus, they must ensure they follow safety rules and regulations to avoid accidents. Sadly, even when bicyclists follow traffic laws, there is still a high potential for crashes with other negligent motorists.

If you were in a collision with a careless driver and sustained injuries, a tenacious personal injury attorney could hold them responsible for your damages in court or through a settlement. Call a St. Louis bicycle accident lawyer if you need help with filing a legal claim and collecting compensation for your losses.

Important Steps to Take After a Bike Crash

If a cyclist sustains severe injuries in an accident, they should seek medical attention immediately. However, if they have the ability, they should also take certain steps before leaving the scene that could be vital to proving another party’s fault. The essential steps to take after a bicycle wreck include:

  • Calling the police to report the accident
  • Exchanging information with the motorist
  • Collecting evidence, including witness statements and the police report
  • Calling an experienced St. Louis bike crash attorney

After collecting the information, they should then visit a medical care provider for treatment as soon as possible.

Common Cyclist Injuries and Recoverable Damages

Bike riders are especially vulnerable as they do not have the same protections as motorists during collisions. Some of the most frequent injuries resulting from bicycle wrecks in St. Louis include:

Skin and Soft Tissue Injuries

Bike riders also commonly sustain road burn, an abrasion caused by friction of skin scraping on asphalt or other hard surfaces. Soft tissue injuries include contusions, sprains, and strains.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord trauma and injuries are among cyclists’ most common injuries following collisions with motor vehicles. A sudden blow to the spine can lead to long-term or permanent loss of sensation, strength, and function below the area of the trauma.

Severe Head Injuries

A cyclist is also vulnerable to severe head injuries in a crash with a car. These typically occur when there is a blow causing damage to the skull, scalp, or brain and can be anything from a moderate concussion that will heal on its own to a traumatic brain injury.

Financial Recovery After a Bicycle Wreck

After proving a motorist’s negligence, the court could award an injured person damages to cover:

  • Lost pay and future earning potential
  • The cost of all medical care related to the accident
  • Mental pain and anguish
  • Physical pain and suffering

The court will review the extent of injuries and other details of the accident to determine fair compensation amounts.

Cyclist’s Rights and Responsibilities

State laws give bike riders rights to the road. According to the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation, cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. When bicycle riders are traveling under the speed limit, they should ride on the right side of the road and always travel in the same direction as traffic.

When riders need to move to the middle of the roadway for safety, the laws entitle them to do so. Examples of appropriate times to ride in the middle of the lane include avoiding hazards and making left turns. They may also move to the center of the road when it is too narrow to share with motor vehicles. A seasoned bicyclist injury lawyer in St. Louis could answer questions related to state laws in more detail during an initial consultation.

Call a St. Louis Bicycle Accident Attorney to File a Claim

Civil laws could entitle you to compensation if you suffered injuries in a crash with a negligent driver. However, the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit is complex and challenging to navigate without experience.

A hard-working legal professional could help you recover an award to cover damages and expenses that help you move forward after your accident. Reach out to a St. Louis bicycle accident lawyer at our firm today to schedule a case review.

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