As a motorcycle enthusiast, you have probably explored the routes from St. Louis that take you along the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River and into the green valleys near the hills along the Missouri River. Visiting historic sites and Midwest wineries is especially memorable on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, whenever you ride on your motorbike, you may share the road with a reckless motorist who injures you.

Even if you are wearing a helmet and protective clothing, you risk catastrophic injuries or death because that is scant protection against a car barreling into you. After a collision, you may be badgered by an insurance company to take a quick settlement. Do not agree to anything before speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney. A St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer’s job is to get you the compensation you need to heal and ride again.

Frequent Causes of Motorcycle Crashes in St. Louis

Negligent acts cause most motorcycle accidents. Negligence consists of four elements an attorney must prove before a jury to prevail in a personal injury lawsuit. If a person does not act according to the standards set by law or that are considered reasonable, the first two elements of negligence—duty and breach—are met. The unreasonable behavior must cause the accident, and someone must suffer injuries in the accident to satisfy the final two elements. Some examples of how a motorist might cause a motorcycle accident include:

  • Swerving in front of motorcyclists to get around them and cutting in too soon
  • Speeding and losing control, hitting a motorcyclist
  • Failing to see motorcyclists, only paying attention to other automobiles
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Making a left turn and failing to judge a motorcyclist’s speed or distance properly

Motorcyclists are more likely to be killed than auto passengers if the two collide. A dedicated attorney could file a wrongful death lawsuit for a person whose loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident in St. Louis.

Defective Motorcycles Can Lead to a Lawsuit

Motorcycle accidents are sometimes caused when a system or part on the motorcycle is defective. The defects can be anything critical to safely operating the bike, such as defective brakes or tires. A proactive injury attorney in St. Louis could consult with forensic experts to determine if the motorcycle was unreasonably dangerous because of a defect present before the accident.

Available Compensation for Injured Motorcyclists

Because injuries after a motorcycle wreck are usually severe, the injured party will need significant compensation to cover:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medication
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of the enjoyment of life
  • Reimbursement for the damages or replacement value of the motorcycle

A diligent motorcyclist injury lawyer in St. Louis could investigate the crash by studying police and medical records, talking to eyewitnesses, and consulting with experts in order to prove a defendant’s fault and win full financially recovery for an injured party.

Missouri’s Statute of Limitations

There is a deadline by law for filing negligence lawsuits. The Statute of Limitations can be found in Missouri Code Section 516.120, which gives an injured individual five years to sue an at-fault party when bodily harm occurs in a motorcycle collision.

A St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorney Fights for Compensation

Although a helmet and protective clothing can help safeguard you from some head injuries and road rash, if you collide with a moving automobile while riding your motorcycle, you will likely be injured. If the crash is not your fault, you have a right to hold the responsible party accountable for the full-extent of your losses.

Negotiating with insurance companies or filing a personal injury lawsuit are best left to those with previous experience. If a reckless motorist injures you in a wreck, a St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer could fight for the compensation you will need as you rebuild your life. Call us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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