Because trucks are so much larger than most other vehicles on the road, accidents involving large commercial vehicles frequently result in devastating injuries and even fatalities. Fortunately, there is often a legal avenue for those injured in trucking accidents to obtain financial compensation for their losses. Litigation involving trucking collisions is often complicated because it requires a deep understanding of local, state, and federal trucking industry regulations. In addition, large trucking companies and their insurance companies usually have deep pockets to defend against lawsuits.

It is critical that you work with the right legal team. A High Ridge truck accident lawyer knows how to navigate the legal system and could guide you through the process as they work towards a successful resolution of your personal injury claim.

Common Causes of Truck Crashes

As with accidents involving passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles can produce accidents for various reasons. Most of these crashes occur because of truck driver errors.

Many of the negligent and reckless mistakes made by truckers are similar to the driving mistakes made by passenger drivers, such as speeding, distracted driving, drunk driving, and fatigued driving. Because truckers frequently drive alone on long, monotonous routes to get their cargo to its destinations, they can be more prone to driver fatigue.

The Influence of Employers

The federal government has tried to mitigate the fatigue problem by enacting limits on trucker’s driving hours. Unfortunately, some trucking companies put pressure on their drivers to work for longer than they should in order to meet unrealistic demands. That kind of pressure encourages drivers to violate those federally mandated driving time limits.

Some accidents are unique to commercial vehicles, such as those involving trucker inexperience. Trucking companies have a duty to train their drivers how to handle their larger vehicles. At other times, accidents occur when unsecured cargo falls from the truck or causes the trucker to lose control of their vehicle.

A seasoned lawyer would understand how to investigate these complicated tractor-trailer accidents. They know where to look to find evidence of driver negligence or recklessness, such as police reports, medical records, the driver’s cellphone records, the trucking company’s employee manuals regarding training, the trucker’s driving log, and the inspection and maintenance records.

Potential Defendants in a Commercial Vehicle Crash

Depending upon what the investigation shows, a skilled attorney could look into filing accident claims against the driver, the trucking company, the truck’s owner, the cargo company, the vehicle manufacturer, the mechanic, or even third-party drivers. In many cases, a claimant injured in a trucking accident can pursue compensation from more than one party.

For example, in cases involving driver error, plaintiffs can often file claims against the trucker and their employer on the grounds that the employer is indirectly responsible for the mistakes that their employee makes while on the job. If the trucking company had a history of hiring poor drivers or if the plaintiff can prove that the trucking company failed to train their drivers, that company could be directly responsible. An attorney could work diligently to identify all of the responsible parties in order to maximize the chances of financial recovery.

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