Following a car wreck, especially one with severe injuries, you should pursue compensation with the help of a skilled motor vehicle crash attorney. Most injured parties choose to pursue an insurance settlement.

While obtaining a car accident settlement in Sunset Hills may seem intimidating, working with the driven lawyers at Longo Biggs Injury Law could explain the pros and cons of seeking a settlement and going to trial.

Reasons to Accept a Settlement after an Auto Accident

Many people assume that they must accept the first settlement offer that the insurance company throws out, but that is not true. A competent lawyer at Longo Biggs Injury Law in Sunset Hills could look at the facts of the motor vehicle crash case and advise the injured party on if pushing for more is prudent. That depends on how badly they were injured, how much property damage was done, what insurance money is available, and the risk of going to trial.

Fair Offer

An attorney will suggest the injured person accept what they deem to be a fair offer from the insurance company. The “fairness” is decided by weighing the current and future medical costs, as well as damaged property. If the offer makes the injured party whole again, it will likely be considered fair.

Policy Maximum

Insurance policies have limits on nearly every case. In Missouri, drivers typically have anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 in protection per person for each accident. If the plaintiff is offered the policy maximum, they would be well-advised to settle, because defendants do not usually have more money to pay beyond their policy.

Risk of Trial

Another reason to accept a fair offer is the risk of trial. Juries are unpredictable. If a jury perceives the plaintiff to be pushing for more money than the case is worth, they could walk away with nothing. Trials could also take a long time, sometimes two to three years, but medical bills need to be paid quickly. If the jury rules against them, the plaintiff is without recourse. All of that time and money adds stress to an already scary time.

Why Would a Plaintiff Go to Trial to Recover Damages?

While the majority of individuals pursuing compensation after an auto crash choose to take a settlement from the insurance company, some want to go to trial. The most common reasons that the experienced attorneys at Longo Biggs Injury Law have seen plaintiffs reject a car collision settlement include an offer that is too low or because of poor defendant behavior.

Low Offer

Sometimes the insurance company is not offering fair compensation and are not valuing the claim correctly. If the money would not cover the bills incurred by the accident, the plaintiff is right to reject it.

Bad Behavior from the Defendant or Insurance Provider

Injured parties have also pushed for trials because they did not appreciate the way they were treated by the at-fault driver or their insurance provider. If the defendant refuses to accept responsibility or the insurance company plays hardball right away, the plaintiff may get angry and seek justice through a trial.

Contact a Sunset Hills Attorney About Car Accident Settlements

The decision to pursue a car accident settlement in Sunset Hills or take the case to trial is one that is best discussed with your qualified attorney. They could help you weigh the strength of your case against the settlement offer. Reach out to Longo Biggs Injury Law today to learn more.

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