Nothing has the ability to ruin your day like getting hit by the car behind you when you are stopped at an intersection or in traffic. The driver behind you may have been driving too fast to stop in time or they could be distracted. Whatever the reason, working with a tenacious motor vehicle wreck attorney at Longo Biggs Injury Law could help you recover the compensation you need to return to your life. Our Sunset Hills rear-end car accident lawyers could perform a thorough investigation into the case to demonstrate your innocence.

Fact Patterns of Rear-End Crashes in Sunset Hills

Rear-end collisions happen when one driver slams into the rear of the driver ahead of them. They typically occur at intersections where there are stop signs, stoplights, or if a car is yielding for other traffic. It has also become common for drivers to rear end other people when they are distracted from the road, like looking at their cellphones or other technology inside a car.

As much as getting rear-ended can seem like a cut-and-dry case in terms of liability, an experienced attorney at Longo Biggs Injury Law could name several exceptions.

Is the Car in the Back Always at Fault?

The fault for any car accident is going to be determined by an investigation, typically performed by the insurance companies. This decision is often influenced by the police report, which is a collection of facts from the scene of the accident, including what each driver was doing at the time of crash, how fast they were going, and if they were both sober.

Generally, the facts prove that the driver of the car that hit the one in front is at fault. However, if the front car stopped abruptly for no reason, the equation could change.

A proactive Sunset Hills lawyer with Longo Biggs Injury Law could analyze the investigations and conduct their own for more information on the rear-end auto accident case to determine fault.

Contributory Negligence Impacts Potential Damages

Contributory negligence means that the results of the investigation will be used to determine what percentage of potential damages each driver may be eligible for. The judge will consider the facts of the case and what was happening around the drivers. Things that will be considered include weather conditions, distracted driving, and whether they were following the rules of the road.

All of these considerations are taken into account when calculating appropriate compensation. If the injured party was abiding by the law, and the defendant driver was not, the plaintiff may get 100% of possible damages. However, situations are usually more nuanced than that. Therefore, it is important to work with a well-versed attorney at Longo Biggs Injury Law to build a case for the injured party displaying less carelessness leading up to an accident.

Lawyer’s Role in Advocating for Injured Parties

The first method the lawyer is going to use to establish liability in a rear-end collision is seeing if the defendant driver violated any of the Missouri statutes or laws.

In addition, there are other tools inside their car that not a lot of drivers are familiar with, such as cameras. It can provide important data from the car itself to see exactly what happened in an accident. The attorney will also inquire about witness statements.

Finally, a hard-working lawyer will go to the scene of the accident to search for evidence, such as skid marks or roadside debris.

Contact a Sunset Hills Rear-End Accident Attorney Today

If you are rear-ended, hope is not lost. You likely will not need to accept the low-ball insurance settlements. Our Sunset Hills rear-end car accident lawyers could conduct their own investigation to help you recover the damages you are entitled to. Reach out to Longo Biggs Injury Law to learn more today.

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