A person may suffer from injuries that lead to paralysis after an accident if they damage their spinal cord or suffer a traumatic brain injury. Sometimes the condition is temporary, though, it is often permanent.

The best chance of recovering is by seeking immediate care from a healthcare professional and receiving quality treatment. If you were paralyzed because of another person’s negligence, a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could help you seek compensation to cover the full-extent of your damages. A Sunset Hills paralysis injury lawyer is prepared to fight for the financial recovery you need and deserve to move forward with your life.

Types of Accidents that Can Lead to Paralysis

Car accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Some other kinds of accidents that may also result in paralytic injuries include:

No matter what type of accident resulted in a person’s paralysis, a Sunset Hills injury attorney could collect the evidence needed to prove another person’s liability and recover fair damages through either a settlement award or in court.

The Four Primary Forms of Paralysis

Paralysis injuries generally fall within one of four categories:

  • Monoplegia: A paralysis that involves one limb only
  • Hemiplegia: A paralysis that affects one half of the body, including one arm and one leg
  • Paraplegia: A paralysis that affects the bottom portion of the body, including both legs and the torso
  • Quadriplegia: A form of paralysis that affects both arms, both legs, and usually affects the torso

These injuries may be partial or complete. When a person has partial paralysis, they have some sensation and movement capabilities, while complete paralysis means they have no feeling or control of movement whatsoever.

Recoverable Damages in Paralysis Injury Claims

Paralysis injuries are often catastrophic and require costly and long-term medical care. Further, an injured person may not be able to return to work or take care of themselves on a regular basis.

Therefore, award amounts in paralysis injury claims can be significant. Recoverable damages might include the total cost of medical care related to the accident, the loss of salary and future earning potential, pain, suffering, emotional anguish, and more.

The Comparative Fault Rule

In many civil lawsuits, the defendant will assert that the plaintiff shares liability for their injury. If this is proven, the court will subtract a plaintiff’s portion of responsibility for the accident from the total award amount.

Under the guidance of the Missouri Revised Statute § 537.765.1, the state follows the comparative negligence rule, and the partial fault does not bar the claimant from recovering damages. A paralysis injury lawyer in Sunset Hills could help calculate damages under the rule and answer questions on applicable civil statutes.

A Sunset Hills Paralysis Injury Attorney Could Help You Recover

Injuries leading to partial or complete paralysis of any part of your body can change your entire life. They will also take a toll on your loved ones and those close to you. If someone else’s negligent actions resulted in your paralysis, you could be eligible to collect compensation for the damages you sustained.

A successful lawsuit could cover your medical and living expenses and help you adjust to your new reality. Contact an experienced Sunset Hills paralysis injury lawyer for more information or to begin working on your case.

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