While bus crashes are not all that common, they do happen occasionally. The vehicle’s massive weight and size can quickly lead to an accident with devastating consequences. Unfortunately, bodily injuries and property damage can be severe when they occur.

You could be eligible for compensation if you suffered injuries in a bus crash because of a negligent driver, transportation company, or a third-party driver. Call a Sunset Hills bus accident lawyer if you need help with a claim. One of the experienced personal injury attorneys at our firm is prepared to guide you every step of the way.

Frequent Causes of Bus Collisions in Sunset Hills

Bus drivers receive extensive training before they are allowed to get behind the wheel and transport customers. Yet, like regular passenger car drivers, everyone makes mistakes on occasion. There are also times that an accident occurs that is out of the driver’s hands. Some of the most common causes of bus crashes include:

  • The bus driver operating the vehicle with distractions
  • An inexperienced bus operator
  • Speed or reckless driving by the bus driver or a third party outside of the vehicle
  • Bus malfunction or improper upkeep

Bus and other public transportation accidents can happen for many of the same reasons as regular passenger car wrecks. Yet, due to the sheer size of the vehicle, they often leave everyone involved with significantly more damage.

Determining the Liable Party After a Bus Accident

Bus crash claims are often highly complex because the injured party faces many challenges they wouldn’t if they were in an accident with another passenger car. One of the major differences is determining the liable parties, and there may be multiple defendants in the lawsuit. Liable parties could include:

  • The bus driver
  • The transportation company
  • The bus manufacturer
  • The fleet company responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle

Because the damages can be significant and costly, bus companies often have attorneys and multiple insurance companies working to prove their driver or company was not at fault. A qualified Sunset Hills bus accident attorney has the experience to communicate on the plaintiff’s behalf, determine the at-fault parties, and build a strong case for compensation.

The Liability of Common Carriers in Missouri

The law holds bus drivers or common carriers to the highest standard of care. They must ensure safety at all times and do their part to prevent harming passengers. Under the Missouri Revised Statutes – § 537.250, common carriers that charge a fee for transportation are responsible for all injuries if a bus crash occurs because the driver was negligent.

The transportation company and driver will be accountable for all injuries and property damages that occur because of the collision. A proactive bus accident lawyer in Sunset Hills could investigate the cause of the accident and hold all liable parties responsible in court or through an insurance settlement.

Schedule a Consultation with a Sunset Hills Bus Accident Attorney

The civil claims process can be complicated, especially when it comes to public transportation. A seasoned legal professional could help you navigate the complex process and help you recover the fair award amount you need and deserve.

The bus company’s insurance company and their attorney will likely attempt to place the blame on the shoulders of another party. Having a diligent Sunset Hills bus accident lawyer in your corner could be your best chance at obtaining a positive case result. Call now to get started.

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