If you become paralyzed in an accident, modern medicine can do amazing things to keep you comfortable and thriving—but your life, and your family’s, will still change forever. Often, the most frustrating part of such a situation is when someone else caused the accident that led to your permanent injuries. Whether they were simply careless, or acted so egregiously you were bound to be harmed, they should be held financially accountable for your losses.

Depending on the severity of your paralysis, our skilled team of catastrophic injury attorneys could calculate a fair settlement from the responsible party’s insurance company—or they could take your case to court and plead to a jury. If another person’s actions left you with a partial or complete loss of muscle function, a High Ridge paralysis injury lawyer could fight for the fair compensation you need and deserve.

Types of Paralysis

Muscles move because nerves throughout the body signal them. If signals are blocked, paralysis in different degrees occurs. Localized paralysis occurs in targeted areas—such as vocal cords, faces, or hands. When larger portions of the body become paralyzed, medical professionals use the following designations to signify the type and extent:

  • Hemiplegia: A diagnosis when one side of the body is paralyzed
  • Monoplegia: Occurs when one arm or leg is paralyzed
  • Paraplegia: Paralysis of the lower body
  • Diplegia: Occurs when the same parts on both sides of the body are paralyzed—such as both legs, arms, or the left and right sides of the face
  • Quadriplegia, or tetraplegia: A complete loss of movement in all limbs and the torso below the neck

Accidents That Could Result in Paralysis

Paralyzing accidents could include falls, recreational mishaps, and assaults. However, most people who are paralyzed in accidents were involved in motor vehicle crashes, with alcohol contributing to about 25 percent of them.

Negligence Plays a Major Role

If one motorist is driving while intoxicated and crashes into another driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist—causing paralyzing injuries—the person harmed has a solid chance of recovering compensation because the elements of negligence are met. These include a driver’s duty to drive safely and a breach of that duty by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, causing an accident that injures another person. Contact a determined attorney to hold a drunk driver accountable for their recklessness after a paralyzing accident in High Ridge.

Insurance Settlements and Lawsuits

When insurance companies are involved in settling a paralysis injury claim, especially after an automobile accident their client caused, injured parties should beware. Insurance companies prize paying paltry settlements to keep their profits high for investors. Please do not settle for the first insurance offer because it will not be adequate. Consult with a seasoned paralysis injury lawyer in High Ridge who could negotiate with insurance adjusters and litigate in court for maximum compensation.

Recoverable Damages Following a Paralysis Injury

Because of the far-reaching consequences, those involved in paralyzing accidents should receive comprehensive compensation from perpetrators. Homes and vans will have to be retrofitted to accommodate a victim. Special equipment such as wheelchairs and hoist belts may need to be installed. An injured person may be unable to return to work or need to be retrained in another field.

The monetary losses are easier to calculate and could include lost wages, medical bills, and property damage. Though, juries also often award compensation for emotional and mental losses in these cases. There is a significant emotional toll when a person goes from a robust and active lifestyle to a stagnant and paralyzed one. Disfigurement, pain, loss of esteem, and loss of consortium may also be awarded.

A diligent High Ridge attorney could assess a paralyzed person’s current and future needs following a traumatic and life-altering accident.

A High Ridge Paralysis Injury Attorney Fights for Your Future

Life’s accidents come on suddenly and can change your life forever if you are injured. If your spinal cord is severed or badly damaged, you may not be able to control your movements in part or all of your body.

These paralyzing accidents can lead to a lifetime of expenses—both medical and for performing simple, daily tasks. If you were injured severely by the actions of another person, a High Ridge paralysis injury lawyer could take your case to court and fight for your best interests. Call today to schedule a consultation with a compassionate legal professional.

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