What Are Different Claims I Can Make After an Injury?

Injuries can disrupt your life, keep you out of work, and result in hefty medical bills. If another person causes your injury, Longo Biggs Injury Law, LLC can help you hold them accountable for the damages. You can get a personal injury lawyer to compile a strong case and help you get the deserved compensation. Here’s an overview of the different claims you can make after an injury:

Economic Damages

Many personal injuries result from car, motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents. Other common injuries include slips and falls, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, defective product accidents, and workplace-related injuries. These injuries can result in financial losses, compensated as economic damages. Economic damages are calculated by examining pay stubs, medical bills, and other receipts. Here are some of the monetary damages a personal injury lawyer can help you claim compensation for:

  • Medical bills incurred to treat the injury.
  • Future medical costs for permanent or long-term injuries that need continued treatment.
  • Cost of medical equipment purchased because of the injury.
  • Lost wages for missed work, sick days, and vacation leave taken as a result of the injury.
  • Future lost income for permanent or long-term injuries that keep you away from work.
  • Property damages, including vehicle, phone, laptop, jewelry, and more.
  • Provable out-of-pocket expenses associated with the negligent actions of the defendant.

Non-economic Damages

Damages that don’t have a direct financial impact, non-economic damages, can be challenging to calculate. Your lawyer can still help you claim compensation for such damages. If the injury interferes with your daily routines or activities, you previously enjoyed, you’re entitled to claim compensation. An example of non-economic damage you can claim is a leg injury that prevents you from riding a bicycle. Another example is an injury-related disability that prevents you from interacting with your spouse or loved ones. Here are more examples of non-economic damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress caused by the accident and injuries.
  • Loss of companionship or consortium if you can’t enjoy intimacy in your marital relationship.
  • Disfigurement and disability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Punitive & Wrongful Death Damages

Sometimes the responsible party is accountable for more than negligence. If the defendant was intentionally harmful and reckless or disregarded your safety, your lawyer can sue them for punitive damages. Punitive damages aren’t paid to the injury victim as they don’t involve personal financial losses. These damages are imposed to punish the defendant for their reckless actions that resulted in an accident. Courts determine the amount of punitive damage based on the accident’s severity and injuries suffered.

If the accident victim succumbs to their injuries, close family members such as spouses and children can claim wrongful death. Damages in a wrongful death claim cover medical bills incurred and pain and suffering experienced before death. The lawsuit also includes funeral and burial expenses, loss of financial contribution, and emotional distress shared by surviving family members. Spouses and family members can also claim loss of consortium and companionship.

Work With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Claiming compensation after an injury can be overwhelming to do on your own, especially if your injuries are severe. You can work with a personal injury attorney to help you build a case while you take the time to heal and recover. Working with an attorney lets you focus on getting adequate medical care and returning to work. Longo Biggs Injury Law, LLC offers full-service business and personal injury lawyer services. We’re dedicated to helping personal injury victims get total compensation for incurred damages. Contact us today to find out more about our legal representation services.

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